We do ‘real time water quality monitoring’.
We help getting water quality data fast!

Our mission is to make reliable measurements of water quality easy accessible.
Our business model is selling data on subscription base.

Today, we can measure
1. nitrate in farmland drains, streams, wetlands and lakes.

2. In drinking water wells we will soon be able to deliver a full profile of the water quality
down to 100 meter, 10 bar pressure, stepping each meter down.

3. And in wastewater we can measure nitrite and nitrate at same time. This will make the
wastewater plant able to control the nitrification.

Utility: ‘We have a presumption that it is during nitrification that nitrous oxide is developed, due to incomplete nitrification, i.e. after the formation of nitrite.
By measuring nitrite, we will hopefully be able to clarify whether incomplete nitrification is the cause of nitrous oxide production.
This knowledge can be used to make some changes in our management style, which should hopefully result in less NO2.’