Problems to address
1. Nitrate in drinking water increases the risk of bowel cancer. A recent Danish study shows an increased risk of cancer with nitrate concentrations far below the limit value – now the environment minister is being pressured to reassess the current limit.
The Danish study: “Nitrate in drinking water and colorectal cancer risk:
A nationwide population-based cohort study” and equivalent from Spain

2. The environment is supplied with higher amounts of nitrogen (leaching of nitrogen) than first assumed. Agriculture is far from the target for nitrogen reduction

Problem statement
1. Authorities as municipalities, government and environment agencies take an interest in checking the purity of the water to know the concentration of nitrate in the environment.

2. Farmers would like to be able to demonstrate lower emissions than the proclaimed
static figures often present in eg. governmental model calculations. Clarity and precise data is key – so are you looking for a solution to challenge 3’rd partys imprecise data, you have found it.

With NitraSense you can measure how much fertilizer can be allowed used in a specific area to be in compliance with the official targeted regulation.
UN’s SDG 6 and the Paris Agreement article 7 nr. 9, litra c is also to be taken into account.

Just-measure have developed a unified concept for fast and safe measurements of nutrients in water. The concept is based on sensors and digitization of data from the measuring point to the user’s monitor.

The concept is aimed at measuring nitrate discharge in streams and drainage pipes as well as the water works’ monitoring of drinking water quality.
Data from the sensors is sent to a cloud platform from which data is processed so that the results can be accessed via web and app.
Normally, the nitrate discharge is determined using manual sampling and laboratory analyzes or using stationary measuring stations.

By using Just-measure’s online monitoring system, faster and more reliable figures for the actual nitrate discharge are obtained.
The system also provides a better opportunity to analyze the variations in the nitrate discharge over the year, so that you can document the nitrate reduction by measures in the fields (e.g. subsequent crops) or the effect from a specific mini-wetland area.

SensQ sends measurements wirelessly to the cloud.
Sensor has been cleaned automatically every third hour to secure reliably measurements which are taken every 20 minute and sent to our cloud application every hour.
On the app you will be able to continuously follow the conditions and on web you will be able to download the measurements to Excel/CSV.

We come and install SensQ and ensure that everything runs as it should.
As a customer, you simply need to download the app.

With our subscription model, you get the measurements available but do not bear the risk that the equipment does not work or is incorrectly set up.

With SensoNitrat, you are guaranteed data 24/7 directly to your screen.
Easy, fast and convenient: Measure – Analyse – Decide

DUAL sensors – one with cleaner and one without