Clean water is under pressure, and so are the water supply wells from which we get our drinking water.
Aalborg utility workshop: Nitrate removal in drinking water
‘Too high a nitrate content can have negative effects on public health.
At the moment, nitrate is not removed from drinking water in Denmark.
But new knowledge about the health effects is continuously emerging, and in 2022 the Danish Parliament has asked questions to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency about nitrates in drinking water.
The purpose of the workshop is for the participants to become wiser in relation to the options available to clean drinking water of nitrates with a view to being able to implement nitrate removal on a production scale.
Until now, nitrate reduction has taken place as a by-product of other purification, but now it must be the primary purpose.
As a starting point, it may not be relevant for you as participants, but it may be, as correlations between nitrate content in drinking water and public health have been demonstrated.’