Optical reading as supplement

Your advantages:

In this version, the measuring system combines two different probes. The SENSOdive probe is supplemented by a UV spectral sensor for the detection of other parameters such as NO3, NO2, CSBeq, BSBeq, DOCeq, TOCeq.

The entire system can be connected to the data logger LogTrans 6 or, alternatively, to the SENSOcontrol water quality system.

The SENSOcontrol water quality system allows not only the storage of the measured values but also the display of the current measured values on a 10″display.

Further advantages:

  • Use of industrial standard sensors
  • Communication: GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, MODBUS RTU


  • System for recording water quality
  • Combination of classical sensors (pH value, redox potential, conductivity, LDO, etc.) with a UV spectrometer (COD, BOD, nitrate)
  • Monitoring of river and surface waters
  • Monitoring of process water
  • Wastewater monitoring